What We Do

In August this year Apple Green has been approached to provide musicians for several social and corporate events. These range from a group of four musicians providing background music for a 70th birthday party, to a small orchestra entertaining guests at a company’s AGM in Sandton. “It is a pretty natural extension of our concert schedule..” says Tim Roberts, director of Apple Green, “in fact, it is quite stimulating asking the client, what sort of music they and their guests enjoy. We can provide everything from love songs, to film music, show themes, not to mention popular music from Baroque composers like Vivaldi, to contemporary music by Cold Play!…”

“I think most of our clients enjoy the live entertainment aspect of the music making, particularly as many clients enjoy entertaining at home these days…”

If you would like information about the options for live music, and the cost please contact Tim Roberts on083 505 5706, or online at timr@worldonliine.co.za